I mixed the last page of the epilogue (read by the amazing Stephen Fry) with Leaving Hogwarts, changed the levels and unfortunately to make it fit, cut some bits out. But yes. This is what it sounds like.

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ppl on here be like “proffessor layton is so hot!!!!”

professor layton be all like


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The song hallelujah always makes me cry but it also makes me think of Shrek???

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You’re welcome

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this is what i spent my new years eve doing

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what i look for in a boy

  • smart
  • socially awkward
  • military-trained
  • officer
  • facial scars
  • nice fringe
  • supportive waist
  • alien
  • garrus vakarian
  • im talking about garrus vakarian

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Best moment in the whole series

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finals week 

  • me: wow i have 3 tests and 2 essays due in the next 3 days
  • me: ayy i haven't watched THE ENTIRE LOTR TRILOGY in a while
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  •  *finishes avril lavigne's "hello kitty" music video*
  •  *closes laptop*
  •  *finds old walkman player*
  •  *turns off lights*
  •  *crawls into bed*
  •  *puts on "under my skin" album*
  •  *tears stream down face*
  •  it's 2004. none of this happened
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He’s never gonna live it down

A bit late, but happy birthday you doof.

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Char’s such an asshole.

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Fuck you thunder!

will be the smartest man on the cinder